A chemistry adventure game for curious people.

Combine elements to suppress walls of fire, create explosions, melt obstacles, and escape from the ruins of your underground lab!

Revising and Gender Selection Screen!

Hey everyone! The team here at Buttered Toast Studios have gone through another round of internal Q.A. testing for Al the Chemist. This includes a revamp of our key feature, the Chemical Bond Sequencer: We … Read More

Ongoing work with Demo Release

Hiya everyone! About a month ago, we announced that the team working on Al the Chemist is very close to releasing a free demo of the game for all to enjoy. Our estimated delivery date … Read More

Upcoming Demo Release + Screenshots

Hello everyone! Over the past year we have made large strides in the core aspects of our game. Throughout the development history of Al the Chemist, we have tried multiple game engines including Gamemaker and … Read More

Behind the scenes April 6, 2014

  Hi all, Since our great playtest back in January, we are finished addressing bugs and including new features based on the feedback from BronxWorks.  We are now back on track in refining the rest … Read More

Playtest with Bronxworks

Hi everybody! The Al the Chemist team is happy to report that last month on Saturday January 11, we had our first playtest of the Alpha build for the demo!  We invited the kind people … Read More

Website edits are up!

Hey everyone! The website has been streamlined to hide any unnecessary pages. I will soon work on other changes, including adding a press kit and redesigning the home page. Thanks to Allison for her wonderful … Read More

A new game engine…

Hi everyone, After much conversation with our Programming Lead Aileen, as well as rest of the development team, we will be exploring a new game engine to use.  Previously we have been using the NovaShell … Read More

Preparing for the end of 2012

Hi all, As the year 2012 slowly turns into 2013, development for “Al the Chemist” continues.  I’m pleased to welcome Jonah Iles to the programming team and look forward to his contributions to the project. … Read More

November Update

Hey all, I’m Catt! I design and maintain the website, as well as create the wonderful sprite art in our game! The website is now almost complete, yay! We’re still looking for a developer and musician … Read More

It’s alive!

Hello everyone!  My name is Elton and I’m the Project Manager behind the indie game Al the Chemist.  After a long period of work and development, we are ready to start revealing our project to the … Read More