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Progress are based on completed tasks reported in the Sunday of each week.

Project Start: Tuesday June 21, 2011

Revising and Gender Selection Screen!

Hey everyone!

The team here at Buttered Toast Studios have gone through another round of internal Q.A. testing for Al the Chemist. This includes a revamp of our key feature, the Chemical Bond Sequencer:


We are proud to announce a new feature in our game: gender selection!


Warning: Large File Size

In addition, more bugs and issues have been addressed. The team is excited and working hard to bring a release demo of the game to all of you as soon as possible.


Ongoing work with Demo Release

Hiya everyone!

About a month ago, we announced that the team working on Al the Chemist is very close to releasing a free demo of the game for all to enjoy. Our estimated delivery date would be some time in the month of July.

Since then, we’ve been putting the demo through a lot of testing since much of the mechanics and features in the demo will reappear throughout the complete game. Unfortunately during our quality assurance testing, some issues came up.

There has been some revision and several bugs need to be addressed that only showed up during this round of Q.A. testing. Rather than rush out a buggy demo of our work, the team at Al the Chemist will be delaying the release of the demo until we can work out these bugs.

We thank everyone for being patient with us. The team behind Al the Chemist is made up of some amazing people who are putting a lot of their precious little free time into this project. Hopefully soon we’ll follow up with a blog post with download links for the demo!


Upcoming Demo Release + Screenshots

Hello everyone!

Over the past year we have made large strides in the core aspects of our game. Throughout the development history of Al the Chemist, we have tried multiple game engines including Gamemaker and now Unity. I am pleased to say that Unity is the best platform for what we would like to do with Al. We will be releasing a free to download and play version of the Demo in July for Windows platform. Additional support for Mac and mobile device versions of the demo will be available afterwards.

Until then, enjoy the screenshots below!


Behind the scenes April 6, 2014


Hi all,

Since our great playtest back in January, we are finished addressing bugs and including new features based on the feedback from BronxWorks.  We are now back on track in refining the rest of the game for a planned launch later this year.


Catt bringing programming to new “heights”.

The early levels of the game are nearing completion with the rest of the levels already planned out.


Our lead programmer is always up to something.

If you ever wonder what happens during the development cycle of a Buttered Toast Studios project, have no fear!  You can follow along with snippets on our Lead Programmer’s twitter feed:

Have fun, and look forward to new updates on Al the Chemist!

Playtest with Bronxworks

Hi everybody!

The Al the Chemist team is happy to report that last month on Saturday January 11, we had our first playtest of the Alpha build for the demo!  We invited the kind people from the non-profit organization Bronxworks along with their students over to the Media And Game NETwork (MAGNET) space in Downtown Brooklyn, where they played our demo and respond to us with their feedback.

The response they gave was incredible.

The students (ranging from ages 10 to 17) explored every little nook and cranny of our demo build.  Throughout the afternoon, they were enthusiastic in telling us all the things that work, didn’t work, and was so-so.  The counselors from Bronxworks were excited as well and expressed their approval of what they saw of the game so far.

By the end of the session, the playtest was an amazing success.  The students had a great time with the game (with some expressing an eagerness to participate in future playtests) and the Al the Chemist team has a neat list of bugs, feature requests, and ideas to work on.

We give our thanks to Bronxworks and the MAGNET space for this fruitful playtest.  A large round of applause to the Al the Chemist team themselves for reaching a major milestone.

Stay tuned for more news!


Website edits are up!

Hey everyone! The website has been streamlined to hide any unnecessary pages. I will soon work on other changes, including adding a press kit and redesigning the home page. Thanks to Allison for her wonderful work on the press kit.

Besides the website, we’ve progressed a lot on the demo. The UI has been changed a lot on options pages and we’ve switched from stairs to ladders. Hooray for growing pains! We’re planning on playtesting an alpha version in October. Wish us luck!

A new game engine…

Hi everyone,

After much conversation with our Programming Lead Aileen, as well as rest of the development team, we will be exploring a new game engine to use.  Previously we have been using the NovaShell engine, but due to limitations and difficulties with it we decide to look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, this means we won’t be releasing a playable demo for the winter holidays as we will be soon be working on porting our game over to a new engine.

More details to follow.


Preparing for the end of 2012

Hi all,

As the year 2012 slowly turns into 2013, development for “Al the Chemist” continues.  I’m pleased to welcome Jonah Iles to the programming team and look forward to his contributions to the project.

The Al the Chemist team also trying to have a playable demo available for release.  This demo will show the basic features of the game as well as introduce all of you to Al himself.  We project this demo to be available over the Winter Holidays.

Screenshot with HUD of early game Lab room for “Al the Chemist”.

More updates to come!


November Update

Hey all, I’m Catt! I design and maintain the website, as well as create the wonderful sprite art in our game! The website is now almost complete, yay! We’re still looking for a developer and musician to help us out with our project, so if you’re interested please contact us.

It’s alive!

Hello everyone!  My name is Elton and I’m the Project Manager behind the indie game Al the Chemist.  After a long period of work and development, we are ready to start revealing our project to the world!

So please excuse our look as our website comes together!