Ongoing work with Demo Release

Hiya everyone!

About a month ago, we announced that the team working on Al the Chemist is very close to releasing a free demo of the game for all to enjoy. Our estimated delivery date would be some time in the month of July.

Since then, we’ve been putting the demo through a lot of testing since much of the mechanics and features in the demo will reappear throughout the complete game. Unfortunately during our quality assurance testing, some issues came up.

There has been some revision and several bugs need to be addressed that only showed up during this round of Q.A. testing. Rather than rush out a buggy demo of our work, the team at Al the Chemist will be delaying the release of the demo until we can work out these bugs.

We thank everyone for being patient with us. The team behind Al the Chemist is made up of some amazing people who are putting a lot of their precious little free time into this project. Hopefully soon we’ll follow up with a blog post with download links for the demo!


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