Playtest with Bronxworks

Hi everybody!

The Al the Chemist team is happy to report that last month on Saturday January 11, we had our first playtest of the Alpha build for the demo!  We invited the kind people from the non-profit organization Bronxworks along with their students over to the Media And Game NETwork (MAGNET) space in Downtown Brooklyn, where they played our demo and respond to us with their feedback.

The response they gave was incredible.

The students (ranging from ages 10 to 17) explored every little nook and cranny of our demo build.  Throughout the afternoon, they were enthusiastic in telling us all the things that work, didn’t work, and was so-so.  The counselors from Bronxworks were excited as well and expressed their approval of what they saw of the game so far.

By the end of the session, the playtest was an amazing success.  The students had a great time with the game (with some expressing an eagerness to participate in future playtests) and the Al the Chemist team has a neat list of bugs, feature requests, and ideas to work on.

We give our thanks to Bronxworks and the MAGNET space for this fruitful playtest.  A large round of applause to the Al the Chemist team themselves for reaching a major milestone.

Stay tuned for more news!


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